3 ways narcissists and sociopaths manipulate to gain control over you

In the following article I’m going to explain three mental states used by narcissists and sociopaths to control people around them. As you may have read, someone with psychopathic and narcissistic tendencies does not feel the whole range of emotions that a normal human being would feel, but still fully understand that range.

Even though their emotions are superficial, they are professional when it comes to analyzing other people feelings and using what they learned to manipulate them till they become under their control completely.

Because they’re not capable to feel normally, they are most likely irritable and bored. This draw them to starting troubles around them.

Knowing that they are also terribly egocentric and are driven by their urge to have complete control over every situation and person they encounter, they try to overfeed their constant hunger for drama using the feelings of other people.

Psychopaths and narcissists start to prepare their victims the second they meet them. As you know, the ‘honeymoon’ phase exists in the beginning of every relationship wherein each party try to please the other by showing how perfect they are.

Although Psychopaths and narcissists can take this up a notch, acting like they are the embodiment of damage. They start pampering and flattering their victims so that they begin to think that they’ll never find someone who is willing to love them more or treat them better. Just when the victims begin to drop their guard after feeling safe and secure in the relationship, everything starts to change. As soon as the psychopath or narcissist makes sure of establishing deep connection successfully they will start treating the victims in the completely opposite way than before.

I’ll mention 3 Mental States that are used by Narcissists and Sociopaths in manipulation of others


Victims begin to feel happy and contented after the initial ‘honeymoon’ phase I talked about earlier. Just when they start to think that they mean the world for someone who is giving them all their love and affection, drama starts to rise.

The thing is that the psychopath or narcissist doesn’t care to understand either of those emotions. They know that if the victim continues to be happy, they’re not getting the drama they started this relationship for from the very beginning.

If the victim continues to be happy and satisfied with the progression of the relationship, the narcissist or psychopath will start feeling bored and disappointed and will decide to exert their control over the victim in order to comfort themselves, using the influence they’ve gained to quietly take away the happiness of their victim so that they’ll finally get the drama they’ve been looking for all along.


Another method they prefer to accomplish their goals is to get their victim feel jealous. They’ll start by convincing the victim that they have rivals for their own affection. They will involve their old partners and anyone who is connected to them remotely.

What they have in mind is to use these relationships to further their pathological ambitions. Their first aim is the satisfaction of their own pride and the second goal is to make sure that the victim has been fixed to satisfy their desires while at the same time working on retaining the victim’s love. Their third goal is keeping the victim desperate to make it a lot easier to convince them that they’re the ones with a problem and are the ones to blame for whatever the narcissist or psychopath accuses them of doing.

A good way to show the victim as an unstable person is by feeding the flame of jealousy because of some made-up threat to their relationship with the narcissist or psychopath. By making the victim look psycho, they make themselves look like they are being mistreated even though it is the exact opposite.


Jealousy is an emotion of a complete package usually supplemented by emotions like anger and irritation. This only serves the purpose of the narcissist or psychopath because it becomes a lot easier for them proving the mental instability of their victim.

They will have several different reactions to the emotions of the victim and sometimes they might respond with silence. They won’t say a word when you try to explain what you are going through. Or they’ll keep sidestepping the issue. Eventually, the victim’s anger will be good enough excuse to “take a break”. In their defense, they left because the victim was mistreating them.

They might try to get the victim feel guilty to put the blame on their shoulders even though it was the narcissist or the psychopath who provoked this situation. The victim will start to bottle up all their emotions so the narcissist or psychopath won’t leave them again. Getting to this point, the psychopath or narcissist got what they want a complete control over the victim who will wish to get back the happiness they found in their honeymoon stage.

The fact is, they won’t ever go back to the sweet early days but they will be happy with a few crumbs of affection. Despite all that, the narcissist or psychopath will carry on with manipulating them till they shatter or they escape.

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