9 signs of a fake friend

Have you been feeling lonely lately even though you’re surrounded by your friends? Do you think your BFF is feeling jealous of you? Are you asking yourself if you can trust them?

Sharing your best and worst moment with friends are worthless.  Friends lift you up when you feel down, give you the energy to go through days, make your life more interesting, and giving you the greatest memories that will forever be craved in your heart. That only apply on true friends. Sadly, not all friends are really your friends.

Fake friends are worse than enemies, they’ll sneak behind your back using the name of friendship to strike you hard without thinking twice, if that’s what serves their selfish goals.

Who is a fake friend?

A fake friend is a friend you care about but doesn’t really care about you back instead pretends to be a part of your family. Everything about them is fake from their personalities to their emotions and even their authenticity.

They only became friends with you because of some egocentric reason to use you or gain something from you. They will stick with you and be your shadow only in your good times but disappear when you’re in the dark.

It is important to know how to spot a fake friend to protect your mental health, throw them out of your life and invest only in true friendships.

Here are some of the most common signs of a fake friend:

He\ she is extra selfish

They befriend you only for something they want from you. Not because they care about you or your friendship. The one thing they care about is what benefits they’ll get from you. And when they get that thing they’re done with you. They will simply be make excuses to avoid you until you have the next thing they want.

highly manipulative

Why would someone fake an entire friendship? Why would someone put in effort and energy to pretend to be your friend? Simply because they want to manipulate you to feel like they’re on higher ground. Fake friends can be really nice when they need you, but once their purpose is fulfilled they will ignore you

Thrives on gossip

A Fake Friend’s daily routine is full of gossip, drama and scandals. And simply can’t survive without them. It’s like the oxygen that keeps them breathing. But most of all they adore drama vibes. And when this drama is not satisfying enough, they will play the lead character in creating one, even if it may be hurtful to you.

Talks bad about you

A fake friend won’t ever hesitate to speak badly of you behind your back just to mess up your life. As I mentioned earlier fake people are suckers for drama and they’re in desperate need to be the star of the show. So in the exact moment you get out of their sight, they start making up stories about you, exaggerating things you told them and spilling all your secrets you once shared with them.

Uses you

Always takes advantage of you without the fear of losing you. When a fake friend want something from you, you’ll get a lot of attention. But when you’re not useful anymore, you’ll be not only left out, but also hurt. They always want something, be it asking for a favor, or to borrow some cash or even to get a job at your workplace. You are nothing than what you can offer to them.

Judges and criticizes you

If you’re hearing too much “I told you so” or something similar from your BFF then it’s likely that your friend is fake. Instead of giving you all support, a fake friend judges every decision and mistake and throws a critique at every opportunity. Not to help you make better decisions and certainly not to learn life lessons, they do this simply to make you feel small and so they feel superior to you

Jealous of you

Did your BFF sound upset when you got your promotion or that new phone? That’s because fake friends envy you. They are jealous of your accomplishments, your hard work, your appearance, and your relationships. Their poor attempts at giving you fake compliments won’t hide their jealousy.
Fake friends will never be happy for you. All they want is to compete with you and to see you at the bottom.

Never puts you first

They’re always busy and don’t have time to hang out with you unless they need something from you. They will always put others first. Even when you are in a group of friends they would rather chat with others than you. No matter how many times they tell you what a great friend you are, you will always be expendable to them

A fake friend Isn’t trustworthy

Trust is one of the building blocks to any relationship. But in the matter of a fake friend, you can never really trust them. They are manipulative, dramatic and phonies who can fabricate unrealistic stories that serves their purposes. Lying to them is easy as blinking. Not only they’ll lie to your face, they’ll drag you through the mud.

And if you are stupid enough to make the mistake of trusting them after all they’ve done, they will let you down and disappoint you for sure.


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